Syahi Godana

They say that writing is a mirror of a person’s mind. Good handwriting is highly valued by modern psychology and handwriting analysts because it is …

Syahi Godana

Why design!!!!!!!

There are so many things, that we do to distress ourselves n channelise our energies in positive way. Reason behind , only to have more productivity , more positivity, cognitive thought process n new perspective towards any thing. This may sound cynical, but this is true , when we open our mind to smithing beyond its limitations, it starts thinking new n afresh, which further gives way to new thoughts n new perspective towards that object. To me designing does the same. Looking at smithing , the way it is , is very easy, but, thinking about the process behind this, things happened backstage, before it appeared like this , is smithing gives me a way to think again about that object. Also it opens the windows of other possibilities that can be associated with that. Every individual has its own perceptive to look at. I might look at the sky as blank paper, where colours are yet to fill n shading is yet to be done. Designing unwind me, give me positive energy . Sometimes it’s like zen meditation, after which, I feel like, there is still more to be done , to draw , to improvise. It unwinds me completely n makes me to focus on the things more appropriately n positively. Design- good or bad, is the matter of thy choice, but hard work behind that , energy infused in that canvas always inspire me………….

So long…..