Why design!!!!!!!

There are so many things, that we do to distress ourselves n channelise our energies in positive way. Reason behind , only to have more productivity , more positivity, cognitive thought process n new perspective towards any thing. This may sound cynical, but this is true , when we open our mind to smithing beyond its limitations, it starts thinking new n afresh, which further gives way to new thoughts n new perspective towards that object. To me designing does the same. Looking at smithing , the way it is , is very easy, but, thinking about the process behind this, things happened backstage, before it appeared like this , is smithing gives me a way to think again about that object. Also it opens the windows of other possibilities that can be associated with that. Every individual has its own perceptive to look at. I might look at the sky as blank paper, where colours are yet to fill n shading is yet to be done. Designing unwind me, give me positive energy . Sometimes it’s like zen meditation, after which, I feel like, there is still more to be done , to draw , to improvise. It unwinds me completely n makes me to focus on the things more appropriately n positively. Design- good or bad, is the matter of thy choice, but hard work behind that , energy infused in that canvas always inspire me………….

So long…..

Heritage inspire Design

Cities, famous as heritage places,are,  because of their historical importance. Location ,proximity to historical footprints, spiritual connection are some of the main reason, why they get the status of heritage place overall. These places tell us a lot about our history and their connection to the present. From architectural  and interior designing point of view, they keep giving us insight ,ideas every time we visit. Be it ventilation system of Hawa Mahal,Jaipur, structured water storage system of chand baori, Abhaneri ,natural air conditioner at Agra fort, Low height doors to reduce heat inside the house ,domes for good echo; they add not only the science, but enhance the art also. If we  look at the monuments, they make us to think more about their science behind the structure, other than the aesthetic aspect of the same. why Jodhpur is called the blue city, why Jaiselmer is well known as golden city , why jaipur is popular as pink city, why is it surrounded by 7 gates. what is the story behind Umaid Bhawan. what is the difference between forts and palaces, were forts and palaces built by one king, why roothi rani ka palace was built. whatever the contemporary reasons were there behind them, these heritage footprints take us further to improvise and inspire to use the designs in modern times. As they say, history repeat itself. I would say ; it connect two cultures ,n nourish them.

so long…………………………….

designing v/s coffee????

Designig is like brewing a coffee. it is an art. witnessing every intricacy n involving in the process so religiously is the process of engaging itself in the process of meditation in itself.

Coffee beans go through a journey before they are accessible. At every stage they are monitored with great care and attention.They are monitored under monitored temperature and weather conditions …

In Interior designing, right from the inception of the idea, things are taken care  of with great attention…..the whole process involves the designer so deeply, that they elevate n evolve with evry single idea, that comes to their mind. coffee beans ,when taken off of the tree are in a stage ,when no can imagine the aroma, but the expert. once designer starts to pen down the idea, it is hard to imagine, what is going on in thy mind. But thy know what is going to look like when it is done .

So long….